Introducing our Comprehensive Suspended Ceiling Gridwork Kits

If you are looking for a complete suspended ceiling kit, then we’ve got you covered.

We can provide you with a comprehensive gridwork kit that has everything you need for your installation. Our kits include cross tees, main runners, fixings, suspension wires, clips, trim and, of course, ceiling tiles. Everything you need to install a professional suspended ceiling.

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Calculating the Size of a Room

Calculating the size of a rectangular room with no recesses is easy. Simply measure the width of the room and the length of the room in metres. You can then work out the area in squared metres (m2) by multiplying the two together.

So, the area of a room that is 5m wide and 8m long is 40m2.

Calculating the Area of a Non-Standard Room

If you have an L-shaped room or you have large recesses, then simply divide the room into rectangles. You can then calculate the area of each part of the room by multiplying the width and the length. Once you have worked out the area of each part of the room, simply add them all together.

If you have any problems at all calculating the area of your suspended ceilings, then get in touch with us. Our team of experts will be glad to help you with any calculations.

Calculating Suspended Ceiling Wastage

When planning your suspended ceiling, it’s important to allow an element of wastage. Ceiling tiles come in fixed sizes. (Typically, 600x600mm or 600x1200mm). It is quite rare that the width or length of a room will be exactly a multiple of 60cm. Therefore, the tiles will need to be cut and consequently there will be an element of wastage.

If you are unsure about how much wastage to allow for, then be sure to give our team a call. Our team of experts will help you to calculate the correct quantities. Call us today on 01932 509909 or use the form above to send us your details.