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  • Zentia Mezzguard Board Edge Detail Ceiling Tile.

    Zentia Mezzguard BP3066M 1200mm x 600mm Square Edge Ceiling Tiles

    £138.00 + VAT
      • Previously known as Mezzanine DL100 Board
      • Square Edge tiles that lay flat above a fully exposed standard suspended ceiling grid. (We recommend using a 24mm grid).
      • Mezzguard provides market leading fire protection for mezzanine floors
      • Finely sanded surface texture and a high-density baseboard, it provides well-balanced acoustical performance
      •  95% relative humidity resistance, it reduces mould and mildew growth on the ceiling surface and helps to maintain indoor air quality.
      • Ideal for meeting rooms, waiting areas, open spaces and personal office spaces.
      • Please allow 1-2 weeks lead time
      • Size: 1200mm x 600mm x 16mm
      • Box Quantity: (10) Tiles/Carton
      • Coverage: 7.2m2
      • Also available in 600mm x 600mm.

    Zentia Mezzguard Datasheet

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  • Armstrong Zentia Dune Evo Tile 600x600mm BP5479M

    Zentia Aruba dB BP5481M 600mm x 600mm Microlook Edge Ceiling Tiles For 15mm Grid

    £139.00 + VAT
    • Excellent performing ceiling tile with attenuation rating of 39dB.
    • Limits the sound that travels through the ceiling void,  perfect for creating areas where enhanced privacy is required.
    • Idea uses include meeting areas, board rooms, small offices or consulatation rooms
    • White lightly sand textures ceiling tile like all the popular Aruba tiles from Zentia
    • Tegular Edge Ceiling tile cut with a 105 degree open angle, compatible with 24mm grid. The face of the tile sits below the grid creating semi-bevelled aesthetic look to your ceiling while ensuring the tile’s optimal functionality remains intact.
    •  A durable fully painted tile with reinforced edges aiding a quick and easy installation and allowing easy access to the soffit above
    • 85% Light reflectance encouraging the use of natural light within the room and less reliance on artificial lighting
    • Size: 600mm x 600mm x 19mm
    • Ceiling tile suits a 24mm Grid
    • Box Quantity: (12) Tiles/Carton
    • Coverage 4.32m2
    • Also available in square edge and Teg 24 variations

    Zentia Aruba dB Datasheet

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  • Armstrong / Zentia Ultima Ceiling Tile

    Zentia Prestige BP7666M (Previously Ultima +) 1200mm x 600mm Tegular Edge Ceiling Tiles For 24mm Grid

    £250.00 + VAT
    • A finely textured and durable surface with a smooth white colour and high light reflectance.
    • The tegular edge detail slightly drops the ceiling tile below a standard ceiling grid, creating a semi-bevelled visual across the ceiling.
    • Good balance of both sound absorption and sound attenuation.
    • Made of 37% Recycled material and 100% Recyclable
    • Ideal for meeting rooms, waiting areas, open spaces and personal office spaces.
    • Size: 1200mm x 600mm x 19mm
    • Box Quantity: (8) Tiles/Carton.
    • Coverage: 5.76m2
    • Also available in Square Edge and 600mm x 600mm variations

    Zentia Prestige Datasheet

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