A white suspended ceiling in a outbuilding over a swimming pool.

Swimming Pool / Plant room Suspended Ceilings

We were contacted by a private Client of ours looking for ideas of how to finish off his garden swimming pool outbuilding which he had constructed during lockdown.

The pool house was a timber framed construction with a sloped roof and exposed roof joists. Our Clients original idea was to tongue and groove softwood timber clad the timber joists, but this solution meant moisture was trapped, thus then being absorbed by the timber cladding over time and therefore the timber would either start to go moldy or rot if not treated with a wood preservative frequently.  The timber cladding also left no access above the ceilings for maintenance and would be a continuous cost, time, money and effort to be maintained…

We therefore proposed a suspended ceiling which incorporated anti-corrosive exposed 24mm wide ceiling gridwork along with a up to 100% moisture resistant glass fiber ceiling tile, all finished in white which is specifically designed for high humidity areas and repels the moisture – rather than absorbing it! The exposed grid ceiling system also allows full access above the ceiling for maintenance… The ceiling tiles can also be changed over easily if they become damaged or if you want to upgrade/alter the pool lighting or extraction/ventilation…

This ceiling system can also be used in shower rooms, wet rooms or kitchen areas as the tiles offer a class A fire resistance and are great for sound absorption. So for the swimming pool area it added some fire protection to the existing roof timber joists and allowed our client to play fairly loud music whilst achieving high levels of sound absorption in the pool house…. 

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